• The differences between Mitsubishi Evolution models

    The differences between Mitsubishi Evolution models

    A lot of people ask us the question ” What are the differences between Mitsubishi Evolution models ? ” and we at AT Performance, are able to give them the answer. So if you’ve arrived here to find out the differences between Mitsubishi Evolution models then you’re in the right place.

    Usually the differences between Mitsubishi Evolution models are not noticeable from the outside, it’s when you look under the bonnet or inside the cabin you find the clues.

    Most recently, the Evolution X model came in a number of variations including Manual and SST transmission and GSR & RS trim level. The range was also expanded from FQ300 to FQ330, FQ360, FQ400 and the flagship FQ440 with Alcon brakes and a highly tuned engine. The RS has always been the ‘basic’ trim with the intention of becoming a competition car. A plated LSD replaces the AYC unit, different gear ratios and final drive and various interior changes set these cars apart from the GSR.

    The Evolution IX model was available as UK car in both RS & GSR with the MR FQ360 by HKS the most desirable. The IX was also available as a Wagon (estate) car in both 6 speed manual and an Automatic model, although not sold in the UK and only here via import.

    Before that the VIII MR model was highly sought after with Aluminium roof, upgraded turbo unit, different seats and those unmistakable wheels that set the car apart from the normal GSR. The Evolution VIII was given a European model known as the ‘260’ and featured different seats, rear spoiler, dash trims, a five speed gearbox and two cats in the exhaust amongst other things.

    Limited editions of the Evo IV – VI models included the Zero Fighter, RS Sprint, Tommi Makinen and RS2. These cars are now highly collectable and command a premium on the used car market


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