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    The presentation of our vehicles and paint correction

    Both myself and Chris have always been keen on keeping our cars clean. We would spend hours on the driveway cleaning and polishing our matching pair of Mitsubishi Evolution VII until they were gleaming. We did what we could with the products that were available. Nowadays the art of detailing is a household word and the popularity of the pastime/hobby/trade has soared. Companies have emerged in the UK who will spend days correcting the paint on your pride and joy, for a price!

    When we started ATP we wanted to be out in front of the competition and thus embarked on a misson to find someone locally to us who could undertake the cleaning and detailing of our sale cars. We found just that man and now all cars that pass through our hands are treated to a full days detailing including Clay decontamination, polish and wax from our good friends at Bouncers.

    Detailing an M3

    Race Exhaust Development

    We are pleased to announce that AT Performance will be working closely with fabricators during 2015 to develop full stainless and inconel systems for a number of different cars.

    Our first project is the Nissan R35 GTR, followed by C63 AMG and E92 M3. These systems are fabricated and welded by F1 standard fabricators and are super lightweight for optimum gains.

    Check out the video below


    Our very own Bouncer’s Wax is here!

    Bouncer’s signature wax for AT Performance customers

    We love products from Bouncer’s and this is the icing on the cake for us! Check out these little beauties. ‘Hand made, hand poured & hand delivered by the Bouncer himself’

    We will be giving each new owner a pot of our signature wax to keep their new ride looking as good as they day they took delivery from us.!

    Visit Bouncer’s online here


    Bouncers Wax - Handmade in the UK

    Our signature wax

    Our signature wax

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